Branson 25 Series

The newest 2017 addition to the Branson line is the 25 Series. 25 Series tractors are available in 37 or 42 HP in both CAB and ROPS models. The cabs available for this series offer heating, air conditioning and a larger interior for a better, more comfortable operator experience. The new line also offers easy implement attachment, choice of turf, AGG or IND tires and a Hydro-Max transmission. The 25 Series offers the following models: 3725R, 3725H, 3725C, 3725CH, 4225R, 4225H, 4225C and 4225CH. Specifications for tractors and easy attach implements can be found below. This new line will be arriving at Morris Machinery very soon-stop by for a test drive! Financing is available through Wells Fargo or First National. Please call or email us if you have any questions or would like to compare models.





Drive System                        4 Wheel Drive

Steering                                 Hydrostatic

Clutch                                     Dry, Single

Battery                                   12 V

Brake                                      Wet Disc, Band Brake 


Model                                    A2000N3-UTR_4

Type                                       Vertical, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled, Diesel
                                                EPA TEIR CERTIFIED

Combustion System            Swirl Chamber

Aspiration                              Naturally

HP                                           37

RPMs                                      2600

No. of Cylinders                    4

Bore X Stroke                        84 x 94 mm (3.3" x 3.7")
Displacement                        2084 cc

Compression Ratio              21.3:1

Air Cleaner Type                  Dry, Double Filter Elements

Fuel Capacity                        12 Gal


Overall length                      120 in

Overall width                        60.2 in 

Height with ROPS                96 in

Wheelbase                            71.1 in

Ground clearance               13.1 in

Weight                                   3677 lbs. with AG tires and full fuel


Type                                       Fully Synchronized (4 Speed)

Gear Shifting                        F12 xR12

Travel Speed                        19.1 mph


Type                                       Independent P.T.O. (6 spline shaft)

Speed                                     540/790 RPM

Power                                     33 HP

Hydraulic System

Type                                       Position

3-point hitch                         Category I/ Telescopic lower link
                                                   telescopic stabilizers

Lift capacity                           3306 lbs.

Steering Pump Flow             5 (7.2 cc)

Main Pump Flow                  11.1 (16 cc)



Drive System                   4 Wheel Drive

Steering                            Hydrostatic

Clutch                                Dry, Single

Battery                             12 V

Brake                                Wet Disc, Band Brake


Model                               A2000N3-UTR_4

Type                                  Vertical, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled,
                                           Diesel, EPA TEIR CERTIFIED

Combustion System       Swirl Chamber

Aspiration                         Naturally

HP                                      37

RPMs                                 2600

No. of Cylinders               4

Bore X Stroke                  84 x 94 mm (3.3" x 3.7")
Displacement                  2084 cc

Compression Ratio         21.3:1    

Air Cleaner Type             Dry , Double Filter Elements

Fuel Capacity                   12 Gal


Overall length                 129 in

Overall width                   60.20 in

Height with ROPS           96 in

Wheelbase                       71.1

Ground clearance          13.1

Weight                              3716 Lbs.


Type                                  HST

Gear Shifting                   3 Range Shift

Travel Speed                   19.1 mph


Type                                  Independent P.T.O.

Speed                               540/790 RPM

Power                               32 HP

Hydraulic System


Type                                  Position

3-point hitch                    Category I/ Telescopic lower link
                                                 telescopic stabilizers

Lift capacity                      3306 lbs.

Steering Pump Flow       5 (7.2 cc)

Main Pump Flow            11.1 ( 16 cc)




Drive System                                     4 Wheel Drive

Steering                                             Hydrostatic

Clutch                                                 Dry, Single

Battery                                               12V

Brake                                                  Wet Disc, Band Brake


Model                                                 A2000N2-UTR_ 4

Type                                                   Vertical, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled, Diesel,

Combustion System                        Swirl Chamber

Aspiration                                          Naturally

HP                                                       42

RPMs                                                  2600

No. of Cylinders                               4

Bore x Stroke                                   84 X 94 mm (3.3" x 3.7")

Displacement                                   2084 cc

Compression Ratio                          21.3 :1

Air Cleaner Type                              Dry, Double Filter Elements

Fuel Capacity                                    12 gal


Front Tread                                      9.5x16 (AG20), 10x16.5 (IND20),

Rear Tread                                       12.4x28 (AG20), 420/70x24 (IND20)


Overall Length                                129 in

Overall Width                                  60.2 in

Height with ROPS                           96 in

Wheelbase                                      71.1 in

Ground Clearance                         13.1 in

Weight                                              3677 lbs w/AG20 tires, full fuel


Type                                                  Fully Synchronized (4 speed)

Gear Shifting (F&R)                         F12 x R12

Travel Speed (F&R)(F)                     1.14 ~ 20 / (R) 1.09 ~ 19.1 MPH


Type                                                 Independent P.T.O. (6 spline shaft)

Speed                                               540 / 790 RPM

Power                                               36 HP

Hydraulic System

Type                                                 Position

3-Point Hitch                                  Category I / Telescopic lower link

                                                                  telescopic stabilizers

Lift Capacity                                    3306 lbs

Steering Pump Flow                      5 (7.2cc)

Main Pump Flow                            11.1 (16cc)


Drive System                                     4 Wheel Drive

Steering                                             Hydrostatic

Clutch                                                 Dry, Single

Battery                                               12V

Brake                                                  Wet Disc, Band Brake


Model                                                 A2000N2-UTR_ 4

Type                                Vertical, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled, Diesel

Combustion System                        Swirl Chamber

Aspiration                                         Naturally

HP                                                      42

RPMs                                                 2600

No. of Cylinders                               4

Bore x Stroke                                    84 X 94 mm (3.3" x 3.7")

Displacement                                   2084 cc

Compression Ratio                          21.3 :1

Air Cleaner Type                               Dry, Double Filter Elements

Fuel Capacity                                    12 gal


Front Tread                     9.5x16 (AG20), 10x16.5 (IND20),

Rear Tread                      12.4x28 (AG20), 420/70x24 (IND20)


Overall Length                                 129 in

Overall Width                                   60.2 in

Height with ROPS                            96 in

Wheelbase                                       71.1 in

Ground Clearance                          13.1 in

Weight                            3716 lbs w/AG20 tires, full fuel


Type                                                  HST

Gear Shifting (F&R)                         3 Range Shift

Travel Speed                 1.14 ~ 20 / (R) 1.09 ~ 19.1 MPH


Type                                Independent P.T.O. (6 spline shaft)

Speed                                               540 / 790 RPM

Power                                               34.5 HP

Hydraulic System

Type                                                 Position

3-Point Hitch                                  Category I / Telescopic lower

                                                             link / telescopic stabilizers

Lift Capacity                                    3306 lbs (INFO)

Steering Pump Flow                      5 (7.2cc)

Main Pump Flow                           10.3 (15cc)

3725C & 4225C

3725CH & 4225CH


* 3725 and 4225 are both available in cab models


Drive System                                        4 Wheel Drive

Steering                                                Hydrostatic

Clutch                                                    Dry, Single

Battery                                                  12V

Brake                                                     Wet Disc, Band Brake


Model                                                    A2000N2-UTC_ 4

Type                                                      Vertical, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled, Diesel

Combustion System                           Swirl Chamber

Aspiration                                            Naturally

HP                                                          42

RPMs                                                     2600

No. of Cylinders                                  4

Bore x Stroke                                       84 X 94 mm (3.3" x 3.7")

Displacement                                      2,084 cc

Compression Ratio                             21.3 : 1

Air Cleaner Type                                 Dry, Double Filter Elements

Fuel Capacity                                      12 gal


Front Tread                                          9.5x16 (AG20), 10x16.5 (IND20),

Rear Tread                                           12.4x28 (AG20), 420/70x24 (IND20)


Overall Length                                     129 in

Overall Width                                       60.2 in

Height with ROPS                               96.8 in

Wheelbase                                           71.1 in

Ground Clearance                              13.1 in

Weight                                                  4210.8 lbs


Type                                                      Fully Synchronized (4 speed)

Gear Shifting (F&R)                             F12 x R12

Travel Speed (F&R)(F)                        1.14 ~ 20 / (R) 1.09 ~ 19.1 MPH


Type                                                      Independent P.T.O. (6 spline shaft)

Speed                                                   540 / 790 RPM

Power                                                   36 HP

Hydraulic System

Type                                                     Position

3-Point Hitch                                      Category I / Telescopic lower link /

                                                                   telescopic stabilizers

Lift Capacity                                        3306 lbs

Steering Pump Flow                          5 GPM (7.2cclrev)

Main Pump Flow                               11 .1 GPM (16cc/rev)


* 3725 and 4225 are both available in  CH models


Drive System                      4 Wheel Drive

Steering                              Hydrostatic

Clutch                                  Dry, Single

Battery                                12V

Brake                                   Wet Disc, Band Brake


Model                                   A1700N2-UTC_4

Type                                     Vertical, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled, Diesel

Combustion System          Swirl Chamber

Aspiration                            Naturally

HP                                         42 or 37

RPMs                                    2600

No. of Cylinders                  4

Bore x Stroke                       84 X 94 mm (3.3" x 3.7")

Displacement                      2084 cc

Compression Ratio             21.3 :1

Air Cleaner Type                 Dry, Double Filter Elements

Fuel Capacity                       12 gal


Front Tread                      9.5x16 (AG20), 10x16.5 (IND20),

Rear Tread                       12.4x28 (AG20), 420/70x24 (IND20)


Overall Length                   129 in

Overall Width                     60.2

Height with ROPS              96.8

Wheelbase                          71.1 in

Ground Clearance            13.1 in

Weight                                4,195 lbs


Type                                       Fully Synchronized (4 speed)

Gear Shifting (F&R)              F12 x R12

Travel Speed (F&R)(F)         1.14 ~ 20 / (R) 1.09 ~ 19.1 MPH


Type                                      Independent P.T.O. (6 spline shaft)

Speed                                    540 / 790 RPM

Power                                    34.5 HP  (4225CH model)

Hydraulic System

Type                                     Position Control

3-Point Hitch                       Category I / Telescopic lower link /

                                                telescopic stabilizers

Lift Capacity                         3306 lbs

Steering Pump Flow           5 (7.2cc)

Main Pump Flow                 10.3 (15cc)