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We offer several lines of new equipment. Please call for current availability.


To view the full line from each of our partners below, click on the image to visit their webpage.

sitrex logo

Sitrex Agricultural Machinery


Our most popular equipment includes


Finishing mowers (Click here for brochure)


Rotary Tedders (Click here for brochure)


Disc Mowers (Click here for brochure)


Carted Rakes (Click here for brochure)

ironcraft logo


(Formerly Titan Implements)

Tillers  (Click here for more info)


Rotary Cutters (Click here for more info)


Box Blades (Click here for more info)


Grader blades (Click here for more info)


Pallet forks (Click here for more info)


del morino logo
hla attachments logo

HLA Attachments


Single Prong Bale Spears (Click here for more info)

shaver logo



To view Shaver's Post Driver options, click here

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Radiant Heaters (Click here for more info)

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