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The Zetor Proxima is built for performance and endurance.  At  Morris Machinery we currently have the Proxima available in 100 HP in a cab model.  Please give us a call today to speak with a Zetor expert or stop by for a test drive ! Below the specifications are listed for the 100 HP. For more information please call or visit the Zetor ( North America) website.

zetor proxima tractor
zetor proxima tractor
zetor proxima tractor
zetor proxima specs

CAB: Front and rear wipers and windshield washer are standard. All windows are contoured for added strength and reduced noise and tinted to reduce heat and glare. Side windows can be latched in open position. The windshield has a roller sun blind. Cab models have 6 or 8 halogen front lights and 3 halogen rear work lights. On the Proxima Power mirrors and rear window are heated. Heat and air conditioning are standard.

Proxima Power
*100 HP with Cab

The Proxima Power models maintain the mechanical engine design in addition to having hydraulically controlled power shuttle, power shift and PTO clutch to enhance the features and comfort. The Proxima Power features 24/24 power shuttle transmission with three speed power shift and increased travel speed to shorten travel times between work sites. A switch on the Power model dashboard turns on the auto shift feature- the power shift will automatically upshift and downshift based on engine load. The shifting points are easily programmable by the operator, a feature not found in most competitors. The power shuttle on the Proxima Power allows for clutchless reversing using a switch next to the steering wheel. The power series also offers 540/1000 rpm PTO with electro-hydraulic PTO controls.

Why choose a Proxima?

1. The well-equipped cab offers a flat, uncluttered floor and wide doors, for comfortable access from both sides. The cab has tinted windows. A fast responding heater and efficient air conditioning are standard. The wide, flat operator's platform both for tractors with and without cab is mounted on rubber supports to reduce shock and vibration, for added driver comfort.

2. The all-new open-center hydraulic system is simple in design, operation and servicing, yet powerful in features. The Zetor three-point hitch offers some of the highest standard capacities of any tractor of comparable horsepower.

The hydraulic pump delivers 14 or 17 gallons per minute just for the three-point hitch and the loader.

3. Fully synchronized transmission of the Proxima series with synchronized shuttle has 12 speeds forward and 12 reverse. The Proxima Power series is equipped with 24/24 power shuttle transmission with wet clutch and three-stage power shift.

4. Well-balanced weight distribution over front and rear axle provides superior traction and reduced compaction.

5. The updated, rugged, easy-to-start engines provide outstanding fuel economy and very high torque.

6. The new hood is fully screened, to protect radiator from plugging.

7. Full hydrostatic steering has its own hydraulic pump, fully independent from the main hydraulic pump.

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